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GASA Groups

Tailored Working Groups for Focused Collaboration

GASA’s working groups are specialized forums designed to address specific areas within the anti-scam landscape. These groups facilitate targeted discussions, allowing members to delve into niche topics, share expertise, and collaborate on strategies and solutions. The current working groups are:

Consumer 2.png Share consumer protection and education strategies.

Data & Tools 2.png Discuss automated fraud recognition, data sharing & technological insights.

Police 2.png Exchange insights on scam modus operandi & best practices (law enforcement only).

Policy 2.png Converse on policy and regulatory frameworks to combat scams.

Research 2.png Explore the latest scientific findings & studies.

Scam Investigation 2.png Discuss scam detection, analysis, and mitigation.

Finance 2.png Focus on AML, fraud & money mule detection & prevention.

Telecoms & ISPs 2.png Address smishing, scam, spam & abuse prevention.

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Introducing Gaggle Mail: Our Communication Backbone

To streamline communication within these groups, we have adopted Gaggle Mail as our primary tool for email distribution lists. This system allows members to send emails to specific group addresses, ensuring that the message reaches all members of the chosen group efficiently and securely. 

Premium Membership: Exclusive Access and Collaboration

GASA’s Premium Members play a pivotal role in our alliance, bringing invaluable insights and resources.

Premium Membership is open to:

Police 2.png

Law Enforcement: Vetted individuals, excluding those using generic email addresses.

Government 2.png

Government Officials: Including consumer and financial authorities.

Finance 2.png

Banks and Payment Service Providers: Key players in the financial sector.

Policy 2.png

Policy: Shape policies and regulatory frameworks to combat scams.

Research 2.png

Research: Share and explore the latest scientific findings and studies.

Telecoms & ISPs 2.png

Telecom Operators: Critical in the digital aspect of anti-scam efforts.

Consumer 2.png

Consumer Protection and Non-Profit Organizations: Limited to one non-commercial member each, not actively solicited.

We believe that by bringing together diverse perspectives and expertise, we can make significant strides in combating scams globally.
Join a group that resonates with your expertise or interest and be a part of this vital conversation. Together, we can make a difference.

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At GASA, our focus is on uniting anti-fraud professionals to combat scams at a global level, and as such, our membership is strictly limited to experts in the field, rather than a resource for individual scam victims.

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