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Survey Reveals: No Country is Good at Fighting Online Scams [GASA Newsletter - January 2023]

Updated: Jan 23, 2023

No country really deserves to be called “Best Scam Fighting Country of the World”.

The Global Anti Scam Alliance and interviewed 200 cybercrime experts as well as 4,430 consumers to determine which country is the best at fighting online scams. Moral of the story: it seems no country really deserves to be called “Best Scam Fighting Country of the World”.

The survey participants listed several reasons for the general poor scoring of their countries. When asked how their country can improve, five main areas for improvement were named - more scam awareness, more tools to identify or block scams, easier reporting of scams, stricter international legislation and finally, tech companies should be held more accountable.

Click the link below to read the detailed report.


Here’s a quick roundup of scam news from across the world this month:


Malware Patrol Partners with ScamAdviser

Malware Patrol has focused solely on threat intelligence since 2005. The company monitors the latest malicious campaigns to collect indicators of compromise, from malware, ransomware, and phishing to command-and-control systems. To help companies worldwide better fight scams, Malware Patrol and ScamAdviser are joining forces to produce the “Scam Domains Data Feed.” It features ScamAdviser’s extensive database of scam websites correlated with Malware Patrol’s threat intelligence.

Andre Correa, CEO of Malware Patrol explains the cooperation with ScamAdviser, “We started with systems that identify malware and ransomware, quickly moved to phishing and now online scams are the third wave hitting both businesses and consumers. We are happy to expand our offering with the data from ScamAdviser which is unique in its kind.”

Emsisoft and ScamAdviser Join Forces

Established in 2003, Emsisoft provides world-class antivirus solutions for individuals and organizations that demand the best in threat protection and remediation. The company’s award-winning endpoint security solutions are trusted by individuals, enterprises, schools, hospitals and governments across the globe.

Christian Mairoll, CEO of Emsisoft explains, “Scams have become more commonplace, more sophisticated, and harder to spot. Working with ScamAdviser is a logical step that will enable us to provide our customers with an additional layer of protection.”

Realtime Register and ScamAdviser are Closing the Loop

Realtime Register is an ICANN accredited registrar since 2004 that manages over 3 million domain names and is therefore the largest registrar in the Netherlands operating on a global scale. The phishing and malware landscape is constantly changing and requires more and more intelligence. To make the next step, Realtime Register and ScamAdviser have formed a cooperation where ScamAdviser will provide Realtime Register with much-needed intelligence.

Berend van Dalfzen, CEO of Realtime Register explains: “Our goal is to continue to grow in a social responsible way. In the current market, it is easy to expand by offering low prices and no KYC process. We do not believe that is sustainable nor desirable. By continuously further automating the KYC and monitoring processes, low prices can be maintained while growing with quality users. This is the reason of working together with ScamAdviser. Their continuous stream of malicious domains, allows us to identify misuse of our platform within minutes.”

Cyber Skills Ireland Launches CheckMyLink Ireland

CheckMyLink ( is a new national service that will be led by Cyber Skills in association with ScamAdviser and An Garda Síochána. The aim is to increase consumers’ confidence that an online website that they are buying from is authentic, and to make sure that the website is not infected with malware.

The service is easy to use and simply asks online users to provide only the URL of the website they are visiting. The service then generates an online report from trusted sources, which is aimed at increasing consumers’ confidence that the website or link is authentic and safe to browse.

CheckMyLink is ScamAdviser’s white-label solution for keeping the internet safe from scams. Get in touch to know more.

Podcast: Global Scammer Impact with Jorij Abraham

Scammers are brilliant at targeting the vulnerable and then often using the fear of exposure to extort even more out of them. Education about these manipulators isn’t enough. Can we do more to make a global impact knowing that less than 0.1% of scammers are ever prosecuted? Jorij Abraham, General Manager of GASA shared his thoughts on the Easy Prey Podcast with Chris Parker.


GASA to Hold 3rd Research Working Group Meeting

Join the Global Anti-Scam Alliance’s 3rd Research Working Group Meeting, meant for scientific researchers and persons interested in research around online fraud targeting consumers. The event will be held online (via Microsoft Teams) on the 24th of January. Visit the link below to RSVP.

About-Fraud Organizes Fraud Fight Club 2023

Join the industry’s premier fraud fighting event Fraud Fight Club on May 10-11 at the Javits Center, NYC. Fraud Fight Club will take place alongside Fintech Nexus USA, and it’s more than a conference, it’s a club. Best of all, it is built for fraud fighters by fraud fighters.

Visit the link below to register. Register today and save $1,000.

Nordic Domain Days 2023 Invites GASA

Nordic Domain Days brings the domain name industry together in an event where Registries, registrars, resellers, service providers, and investors network and share insights during a packed two-day conference. Nordic Domain Days 2023 is set to happen on May 8-9th, in Stockholm, Sweden. As a special offer for the readers of GASA’s newsletter, you can get 20% off on the registration fee.

20% Discount Code: SCA20


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