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Scam Fighter of the Year Awards

Honoring the individuals, tools, and organizations who protect consumers from scams

Casting a spotlight on the unsung heroes of the Anti-Scam community

Scam Fighter of the Year Awards - Criteria & Process

The Scam Fighter of the Year Awards celebrate the outstanding contributions of individuals and organizations in the fight against scams. Our aim is to recognize the dedication, innovation, and impact of those working tirelessly to protect consumers and businesses worldwide. Transparency and integrity are at the heart of our awards, and we are committed to providing clear insights into our selection process.

Award Categories

  1. Scamfighting Individual of the Year (2024 holder: Erin West, Santa Clara County Prosecutor & REACT Task Force)

  2. Scamfighting Organization of the Year (2024 holder: Watchlist Internet, ÖIAT)

  3. Scamfighting Tool of the Year (2024 holder: BBB Scam Tracker, Better Business Bureau Institute for Marketplace Trust)

Find out why the 2024 winners were chosen by the public and jury, by reading James Greening's follow-up article.

Nomination Process

  • Open Call: Nominations are accepted from the public, including industry professionals, victims of scams, and members of GASA.

  • Submission Requirements: Nominators must provide detailed information on the nominee's achievements, including specific examples of their contributions to scam prevention and consumer protection.

Selection Criteria

For Individuals and Organizations:

  • Impact: Evidence of significant contributions to combating scams, including measurable outcomes and the extent of influence on consumer awareness and protection.

  • Innovation: Introduction of novel approaches, technologies, or strategies in scam prevention.

  • Collaboration: Demonstrated ability to work with law enforcement, regulatory bodies, and other stakeholders.

  • Public Engagement: Efforts to educate and engage the public on scam awareness.

For Tools:

  • Effectiveness: Proven capability in preventing, detecting, or raising awareness of scams.

  • Usability: Ease of use and accessibility to the target audience.

  • Innovation: Novelty of the technology or approach used in the tool.

  • Impact: The scale of its contribution to scam prevention or victim assistance.

Voting Process

  • Jury Panel: Comprises experts from various fields related to scam prevention, including cybersecurity, law enforcement, and consumer protection. The Scam Fighter of the Year Award winners from the previous year are also given a place on the jury.

  • Evaluation: The jury reviews all nominations based on the outlined criteria and selects the top nominees for each category.

  • Final Vote: Winners are determined by a combination of jury votes and, where applicable, public votes to ensure a balanced and fair selection process.

Transparency and Integrity

We believe in the utmost transparency and fairness in our awards process. Detailed profiles and achievements of all nominees are made available to the public, ensuring an informed and equitable voting process. Our partnership with industry experts and stakeholders further solidifies the credibility and prestige of the Scamfighter of the Year Awards.

For more information on the nomination or voting process, or to submit a nomination, please contact us.

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