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Our Programs

How we protect consumers worldwide from scams

Scam Awareness

Raising Global Awareness

The Awareness Program has as goal to raise global awareness about online scams. This is achieved by:

  • Creating a repository of scam awareness campaigns.

  • Offering tools to measure scam awareness campaign effectiveness.

  • Supporting benchmarking of awareness campaigns 

  • Organizing the annual Scam Fighter of the Year Awards.

The Awareness Program is managed by the Awareness Working Group.

Scam Tools

Enable Hands-On Tools

The aim of the Tools program is to facilitate the development of hands-on tools for law enforcement and consumers to identify online fraud and scam networks. The program focusses on 

  • Standardizing the definition of types of scams

  • Creating a data format to exchange online fraud related data

  • Sharing of scam-related data across organizations & nations

The program is managed by the Data & Tools Working Group.

Scam Events

Facilitate Knowledge Sharing

The Global Anti Scam Alliance supports the sharing of online fraud and scam related data in several ways:

  • The organization of the the Annual Global Anti-Scam Summit 

  • Facilitating special webinars on scam related trends and developments.

  • And hosting the monthly or quarterly meetings of the Working Groups.

Scam Research

Organize Research

While cybersecurity is a hot topic in the academic world, online scams have received little attention. The Research Working Group has as goal to create more awareness surrouding online scam and fraud related (scientific) research. Key focus areas are:

  • The publication of the Annual Global State of Scam report 

  • Maintenance of an overview of consumer related cybercrime research 

  • Supporting Researchers in access to data, organizations and scam victims

Scam Legislation

Support International Legal Best Practices

In some countries scams are not yet considered a crime, while in others the penalties are light. The goal of the Legislation Working Group is to:

  • Create a list of best practices regarding cybersecurity in general and online scam (legislation) specifically 

  • and helping countries in the development of their own (cybersecurity) legislation

Scam Training

Offering Certified Scam Training

While being a scammer is probably the 2nd oldest profession, both law enforcement, consumer authorities as well as commercial organizations and consumers struggle with recognizing, investigating and acting upon scams.

GASA develops training material and certified courses for both consumers (kids, teens, students, adults, and senior citizins) as well as professionals (consumer protection and law enforcement).

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