About GASA

The Global Anti-Scam Alliance

Our mission is to protect consumers worldwide from scams


The number of online scams is booming. Nearly $50 billion was lost by consumers last year in scams. The number of scams reported to law enforcement grew by 90% to more than 266 million reports.

However, this is only the tip of the iceberg as only 7% of all victims report the online scam to the police. Still, in most developed countries 20 to 40% of all reported crime is now related to online fraud.

Scammers, however, can go free because they can operate globally, while law enforcement operations locally, regionally, or nationally. According to the World Economic Forum, only 0,05% of all cybercriminals are prosecuted.

Our mission is to protect consumers worldwide from scams by raising awareness, enabling hand-on tools for consumers and law enforcement, facilitating knowledge sharing, organizing research, supporting the development of (legal) best practices, and offering training and education.


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Jorij Abraham

Executive Director

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Mitchel Chang

Executive Advisor, Education

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