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4 Gamechangers to Enhance the Impact of Fraud Prevention at EU and National Level in Europe, Anna Martin, BEUC & Sanne van der Neut, EACB - Global Anti-Scam Summit Europe 2024

Updated: 4 days ago

Date of Event: 2024-06-24

Event: Global Anti-Scam Summit Europe 2024

Anna Martin from the European Consumer Organisation (BEUC) and Sanne van der Neut from the European Association of Co-operative Banks (EACB) introduced four transformative strategies aimed at enhancing fraud prevention efforts throughout Europe. They emphasized the urgency of cross-sectoral collaboration as the first game changer. By uniting financial institutions, technology firms, consumer advocacy groups, and regulatory bodies in a cohesive EU-wide network, they argued for a unified front against increasingly sophisticated fraudulent activities.

The second game changer focused on the imperative of sharing fraud insights and data. Martin and van der Neut stressed the need for harmonized GDPR interpretations to facilitate effective data sharing across borders and sectors. They highlighted how clearer guidelines could streamline efforts to combat fraud while upholding consumer privacy rights.

Next, they underscored the significance of robust supervisory enforcement and cross-sector cooperation as the third game changer. They called for strengthened EU-level enforcement mechanisms to enforce consistent fraud prevention measures across different sectors. By aligning regulatory frameworks to balance privacy concerns with effective fraud prevention, they aimed to create a more resilient defense against fraudulent activities.

Finally, the speakers advocated for secure product design for consumer protection as the fourth game changer. They proposed integrating comprehensive fraud risk assessments into the development phase of new products and technologies. This approach would involve industry-wide training and awareness programs to mitigate risks associated with emerging technologies vulnerable to exploitation by fraudsters.

These game changers represent a concerted effort to instigate systemic changes in fraud prevention strategies across Europe. By addressing gaps in current practices and advocating for collaborative, data-driven, and proactive measures, Martin and van der Neut envision a more secure financial landscape for consumers and businesses alike.


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