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FeedZai and GASA Join Forces

Updated: Jan 16

Feedzai, the market leader in fighting financial crime with AI, has joined the Global Anti

Scam Alliance (GASA) – a not-for-profit organisation whose goal is to protect consumers

across the world from scams – as a corporate member.

GASA brings together governments, law enforcement, consumer protection organisations,

financial authorities and commercial organisations to share insights on scams and define

concrete solutions to turn the tide on scams.

By joining the alliance, Feedzai will bring its expertise and knowledge in fighting financial

crime with AI, providing invaluable insight to strengthen GASA’s networks and working


More than $55 billion was lost by consumers last year in cybercrime, while the number of

scams reported to law enforcement grew to nearly 300 million*. However, due to the fact

that scammers work globally, and law enforcement operate locally and regionally, less than

1% of all cybercriminals are prosecuted.

GASA’s mission is the change that by bringing key stakeholders together and facilitating the

sharing of key data, knowledge, lessons learned, intelligence and evidence-based research

so they can:

● Educate the public about the different types of scams, how to recognise them, and

how to protect themselves from falling victim.

● Understand the nature and scope of scams, and to develop effective solutions to

combat them.

● Discuss the results of existing policies and the development of new legislation to

protect citizens against scams.

Daniel Holmes, Fraud Prevention SME, Feedzai said, “We have developed a market-leading RiskOps platform powered by AI and machine learning, so have unique insight and unrivalled knowledge in both identifying and preventing scams. We are proud to partner with GASA so we can share the knowledge and insight we have to support its mission to protect consumers across the globe from fraud.

As a GASA corporate member we will work with organisations globally to tackle scams –

sharing insights and best practice and will be regular contributors to working groups. We will then look to share the information with our customers to help improve their own anti-fraud programmes.”

Jorij Abraham, Managing Director, GASA said, “By bringing together key stakeholders in the fight against cybercrime, we are able to facilitate the sharing of knowledge, data, tools, research, policy and legislations across jurisdictions for a joined-up approach to scam prevention.

We are very happy that Feedzai is joining GASA as Corporate Member. Feedzai’s

know-how and data on fighting financial crime using AI will strengthen GASA’s knowledge

sharing network. Helping all participants to protect consumers worldwide more from online

fraud and scams.”

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14 de mar. de 2023

This is simply awesome...Gasa is my biggest dream come true!!!!

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