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How I Turned into a Hacker - Salwa van der Gaag - Global Anti-Scam Summit Europe 2024

Updated: 15 hours ago

Date of Event: 2024-06-24

Event: Global Anti-Scam Summit Europe 2024

At the Global Anti-Scam Summit Europe 2024, Salwa van der Gaag, a journalist and presenter from the Dutch TV network NOS, shared her personal experience of being hacked. In March, Salwa's social media accounts were compromised, and she discovered that her identity had been stolen and misused across platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and X. She recounts the distress of finding out she had lost access to her accounts and how her online persona was transformed into a variety of fake profiles.

Salwa details her investigative journey, collaborating with a cybersecurity expert to uncover how easily phishing scams can be set up and executed. They found numerous identical scam websites and learned about the widespread and organized nature of these fraudulent activities. Despite contacting victims and collecting their stories, Salwa emphasized the lack of effective support for those affected and highlighted the ease with which such scams can be perpetrated.

She concludes by calling attention to the need for better aftercare for victims and stricter controls on web hosting services that enable such fraudulent sites to exist. Her story underscored the pervasive threat of online scams and the importance of enhanced cybersecurity measures and victim support systems.


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