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Realtime Register and ScamAdviser are Closing the Loop

Realtime Register is an ICANN accredited registrar since 2004 that manages over 3 million domain names and is therefore the largest registrar in the Netherlands operating on a global scale. Realtime Register offers more than 2000 TLDs to its resellers and offers one of today’s most efficient domain registration platforms.

Realtime Register has invested heavily in solutions to combat malware & phishing, which resulted in low numbers of DNS Abuse.

The phishing and malware landscape is constantly changing and requires more and more intelligence. To make the next step, Realtime Register and ScamAdviser have formed a cooperation where ScamAdviser will provide Realtime Register with much-needed intelligence. In return, Realtime Register will provide ScamAdviser with valuable feedback to improve its scam-identifying algorithm.

Berend van Dalfzen, CEO of Realtime Register explains: “Our goal is to continue to grow in a social responsible way. In the current market, it is easy to expand by offering low prices and no KYC process. We do not believe that is sustainable nor desirable. By continuously further automating the KYC and monitoring processes, low prices can be maintained while growing with quality users. This is the reason of working together with ScamAdviser. Their continuous stream of malicious domains, allows us to identify misuse of our platform within minutes.”

Jorij Abraham, General Manager of ScamAdviser elaborates: “We are very happy that Realtime Register is using our data to identify online fraud targeting consumers. What makes this cooperation unique is that Realtime Register also has made a firm commitment by advising us on how we can improve our algorithm. Like humans, no algorithm is perfect and Realtime Register has 10 years of experience in fighting malware, phishing and scam sites.”

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