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The Dutch Integrated Approach to Online Fraud, Julia Smeekes, Dutch Ministry of Justice and Security - Global Anti-Scam Summit Europe 2024

GASS EU 2024 - Day 1 Keynote - The Dutch Integrated Approach to Online Fraud

Date of recording: 2024-06-24

Event: Global Anti-Scam Summit Europe 2024

At the Global Anti-Scam Summit 2024, Julia Smeekes from the Dutch Ministry of Justice and Security presented on the Netherlands' integrated approach to combating online fraud. Smeekes outlined the state of online fraud in the Netherlands, highlighting that 1.6 million Dutch citizens fell victim to online fraud last year. She emphasized the necessity of public-private cooperation, where various stakeholders such as police, consumer organizations, municipalities, and the banking sector collaborate to reduce the number of victims.

Key components of the action plan include:

  1. Technical Barriers and Interventions: Collaborating with Ernst & Young and other stakeholders to create a "Criminal Journey" model, identifying critical intervention points.

  2. Data Sharing: Addressing GDPR challenges through a privacy framework and international comparisons to enhance data sharing capabilities for fraud detection and prevention.

  3. Help for Victims: Streamlining victim support services, creating baseline rules for helping victims, and piloting programs to provide immediate support, similar to existing initiatives for burglary victims.

Smeekes highlighted the importance of international cooperation and shared knowledge in effectively fighting online fraud and scams.


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